What Do I get for him/her?

It's always a foggy question and should take some thought. You will probably hear quite often "It's not the price that matters, it's the thought that counts". This is so true. How often a person may hold a little personal gadget close to their heart only because of the thought, the memories, and the meaning behind it. An idea that is always useful for gifts is the personalization of the gift. Nowadays you can customize just about anything. On Etsy you will find a lot of warming heart gifts made by hand. My offer is customizing my products. Customize with a name. a picture, a phrase, or even just an image of something that represents the one you love. When they look at that present you will notice that smile and sparkle in their eye because they will be thinking about how much you know what they like and who they are, and it matters to you.

Have a Happy Valentines Day Everyone.